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Kristull 2016 W Litter

Kristull Ocean Tide (Ocean) X Renaissance Jett (Jett)
Born January 29, 2016
A breeder's litter, this was designed to concentrate the genes from the New Blood project based on the Founding dog Dharma. We could not be more pleased. Two black and brindles (a male and a female) like their mother, and the rest were brindled sables like their father. Six boys and three girls.



A bunch of W puppies at 4 months

The Boys
Black and brindle male
At four months

At three months.

Blue collar with white bones male -- Kristull Winter is Coming
At one year.

At three months.

Black collar with paws male -- Kristull Wilder
At one year old

On the outside of the fence looking in.

Learning a quick recall

Zilch, Talasi and Wilder

At three months.

Blue collar male -- Kristull Wayward
At four months.

At three months.

Red collar with white paws -- Westeros

At three months.

The Girls
There were only three, but what they lacked in quantity, they made up in quality.
Hot Pink collar
At 3 months.

Pink Collar

Black Girl -- forever known as Sestra
At three months


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

8708 Grelle Lane,
Austin, TX 78744

270-799-8970 Cell



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