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Kristull Encore

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The 2011 E litter

Kristull Tumultuous x Kristull Jjuno

July 20, 2007

Encore was born as Jjuno's final effort to expand the Silken breed. She is an only child and knows how to get her way in everything she does. Here she is resting comfortably on her mother's head.

She actually puts up with just about anything. Adelfo enjoys teaching her to be a proper horse for a horse ranch.

Encore's best friend is her big brother Kamlidor, who goes out of his way to be there for her. Here they are playing hide and seek.

Kamlidor was too big for Encore to handle easily when she was tiny, so he let her be the one to dictate the terms of their play. She thinks she is pretty tough.


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

729 Mercer Rd,
Bowling Green, KY 42101

** 270-777-0744 **

Encore is now one of our top producers. What a difference the years make.


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